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May 31

FunctionBay RecurDyn V9R1 SP1.1 v9.1.24737.0.9111 Full Win/Linux x64


FunctionBay RecurDyn V9R1 SP1.1 v9.1.24737.0.9111 Full Win/Linux x64 | 3.54 GB


RecurDyn is a CAE MultiBody Dynamics Simulation (MBD) system for modeling mechanical components and their kinematic characteristics. The basis of RecurDyn is the core of Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics (MFBD) connecting Multibody Dynamics solver and Nonlinear Finite Element solver

A multi-purpose system is used to model the dynamic behavior of interrelated solid and elastic bodies, each of which can perform complex translational and rotational movements. Dynamic behavior is the result of the equilibrium of the applied forces and the rate of change of momentum. The body is usually seen as a rigid or flexible part of the mechanical system.

Main advantages of RecurDyn
– RecurDyn is a modern CAE software suite that offers a unique combination of Multibody Dynamics and finite element analysis.
– Provides the ability to dynamically analyze virtually any mechanical system and allows you to create detailed, realistic models for design studies and improve productivity in the manufacture of the product.

1. This version of V9R1 SP1.1 (v9.1.24737.0 build 9111 builddate April 2018) is newer than the previous V9R1 SP1.3 (v9.1.23284.0 build 9108.3 builddate December 2017)
For what reason did the developers first post SP1.3 and then SP1.1 know only them
2. If there are problems with startup, check the real number separator in the regional settings!
If Recurdyn fails to load, check the decimal separator in Regional Settings!
The only acceptable separator is DOT (.), NOT A COMMA (,)!

Year / Release Date: 2018
Version: V9R1 SP1.1 (v9.1.24737.0 build 9111 builddate April 2018)
Developer: FunctionBay Inc.
Developer’s site:

Bit depth: 64bit
Language: Multilanguage (Russian not available)
Tabletka: Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
Extras. information: Under Linux64, developers only provide a solver without a GUI




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